While they can work in conjunction with each other, a MOBILE WEBSITE and a MOBILE APP are two entirely different things.  A mobile app is something your target audience acquires by downloading it from the Apple, Android or Microsoft on-line stores.  A MOBILE APP is usually designed around dynamic, real time content that your target audience would find helpful in order to have a relationship with your business.  An example would be, if you owned a restaurant, having a mobile app that allows a user to view a constantly changing menu, place an order, and have it delivered to their door.  An app is meant to complement an existing business or entity in a way that is helpful to all parties involved.  Unlike a website that is visible to everyone on-line, a mobile app is visible only to those who have downloaded it to their mobile device.  Mobile apps are for potential or existing clients that want to have a relationship with you.

This question very difficult to answer because no 2 mobile apps are alike and, in terms of available functionality, the sky is the limit and nearly anything is possible.  Quoting a price prior to seeing the client’s ‘wish list’ is much like quoting the price for a house without any blueprints to consider.  You can discuss your needs with an App Lab representative and let them help you determine the very best mobile app design to compliment your business.  You will receive a detailed proposal based upon your needs and have the opportunity to discuss and review it with your App Lab representative.  Your proposal will be generated quickly and contain a listing of the items you have requested and all associated costs.

Your app will be published in the APPLE STORE, the ANDROID STORE upon your final approval.

Typically, a matter of a few weeks, however, a couple of  factors determine the length of time it will take to build your app, they include:

  • Complexity:  No two apps are created equal, the complexity of your app will be a determining factor of the length of time it takes to build.  As a general rule, it takes our design and development team anywhere from 2-4 weeks to build a mobile app. Of course, the more complex the app, the longer the development will take.
  • Client Receivables:  Our team will be requesting items from you to complete your app in a timely fashion, things like your logo in digital format, photos, and any content you wish to have present in your app.  If these requested items are not received in a timely fashion, it will affect the completion timelines for your mobile app.